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Comic Bruce Clark's musings

The juxtaposition of a U.S. presidential and a federal Canadian election has, for me, uncovered something we canucks rarely think about.

The U.S. “home of the brave and land of the Frito-Lay” has somehow, through their purblind racism, managed to vault an African American as the next potential leader of the free world. Meanwhile, here back home we don’t just have white candidates – they’re actually pasty. Harper, Layton, May and Duceppe are all walking ads for SPF 86 and Stéphane Dion is one gene away from being albino. Canada, this supposed multicultural, salad bowl of a nation that prides itself on its inclusive policies, can’t even offer up a candidate with a decent tan. The U.S. backing an African American man for president is tantamount to Canadians living in “our home and ‘native’ land,” backing an Aboriginal. Which likely won’t happen as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the rivers flow.