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Puffin Watch '08

Dion: Go and brush your shoulder off!

St├ęphane Dion can pop his collar this morning as the Conservatives neglected to pump their brakes in an attack ad that was posted online. The offending spot featured an animated Puffin flying around "Professor Dion" and then dropping a deuce on his right shoulder. And by deuce I mean number 2.

Political commentators and the blogosphere have "poo-poo"-ed the ads, saying they're in very poor taste. Other sources are speculating that this is part of a broader Human-vs-Puffin conflict as evidenced by Chef Gordon Ramsey's Puffin revenge-murder over the summer.

Ramsey: Die Puffin! Die!

The Conservative party is insisting that the offending poop-stain was the work of a different sort of poop-stain, an "overzealous web designer." Stephen Harper went so far as to say that "Belittling images are not fair game." Right, belittling images are not fair game. That's why the corrected version of the ad still casts Dion as an out of touch Professor. That's why the conservative ads posted here yesterday all portray Dion as an ineffectual communicator and generally a big loser. That's why the Conservatives have been running attack ads that portray Dion as weak for over a year.

I guess Harper only considers it belittling if you engage in dung-flinging and not just good ol' fashioned mud-slinging.

I think the fact that others in the Conservative war room seem to be pretty happy with the ad suggests a trend that we'll see a lot of in this election: Reaffirm your moral standards to the media while you continue to play dirty online.

This tactic has worked well for Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian in the past. We'll see how it does for Mr. Harper.