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Latest survey shows Layton leads Harper, Dion

by Wab Kinew

This latest survey conducted for Minority Report assesses the support for the party leaders at a place where many Canadians spend much of their work day: Facebook.

facebook poll.jpg
The results are considered accurate as of about 12:50pm CST, plus or minus 5 minutes.

Credit Jack Layton's success at attracting facebook supporters (13,943) to his net-savvy stance on issues like Text-messaging charges and Bill C-61. That and the fact he's definitely the hunkiest of all the candidates.

Stephen Harper trails by about 1,300 supporters, but still had a strong showing due to the fact that he's tricked out his page with a Youtube box and Flickr photo stream. I'm betting he's one of those annoying facebook friends who's always sending you application invites for "Mixed Drinks", "Friends for Sale" and "Mob Wars".

St├ęphane Dion was a close third (12,278). His page has a lot of activity from people who support the Green Shift plan and those that think that Ignatieff should be the federal liberal leader.

Elizabeth May came in fourth (2,329). Her profile has a link to her latest book "Global Warming for Dummies" (I kid you not).

Gilles Duceppe comes in dead last (895), though it should be pointed out that he does not accept friend requests from strangers. No, he tends to Bloc them.

But hey folks, I wanna tell ya....