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Conservatives: "Release the Hounds"

by Wab Kinew

The Conservatives launched an attack on the Liberals this morning at 6am. Thing is, while pre-dawn raids work for SWAT teams... they tend to miss the window for live coverage on Newsworld.

To wit: the Globe reports that nobody cared, so the Tories went ahead and posted their new attack ads onto Youtube, where they can be ignored by millions more people around the world. Except me. Here's my favorite:

Oh man, Stéphane Dion's inability to communicate is going to make for some great attack ad fodder.

Dion's response was to say that Harper's lying... though he said it in a slightly more convoluted fashion. And as far as convoluted statements go, here's what Dion had to say about the way the Conservatives are trying to characterize him in general:

“I think they give me a beautiful service in describing a character that does not exist and Canadians will see in meeting me in some ways for the first time for many of them that these attack ads say more about them than me.”

Yes. Now let's all thank Stéphane for sharing. That was a very brave thing to do. Now let's all think of ways that he could have said that more directly.

Here's a good way to respond:

Looks like the Liberals have learned one thing: Dion's fine for being on-camera... but let someone else do the talking.

What the Blogs are saying today (September 8):

We heard Jack Layton talk about change on the weekend, but one blog alleges that Obama is also borrowing from the NDP leader. Could be true, or it could be the case that the manufacturing sectors are struggling on both sides of the border.

One blogger unpacks the hidden sexual dynamics in the Dion-Harper relationship. Well, sorta anyways. I wonder what their pillow-talk would sound like?