Carlos Crasta

Carlos is the pampered son of a wealthy Indian businessman, who works along side Michael in the communications department at the National Senior's council. He cultivates an air of confidence and efficiency, but in reality he is incredibly insecure. Michael has a natural talent as a copy writer, due perhaps to the fact that he possesses a deep understanding of human nature, resulting from years of therapy.

Carlos is good with Photoshop.

Carlos doesn't understand Michael's anxieties, but he uses them to maintain an upper hand in the work place. He is not a bad person, but fear resulting from a painful awareness of his own limitations, makes him do bad things.


Pablo SilveiraCarlos Crasta

Pablo Silveira was born in Bombay, grew up in Dubai, attended university in Minnesota and studied acting in London before immigrating to Canada. His favourite film and television credits include Intelligence, ReGenesis, The Killing and, most recently, Mike Clattenburg's feature film Afghan Luke.

His goal as an artist is to constantly challenge his imagination and seek out new and unexplored ways of working - like Star Trek but with art. He is currently involved with a community of talented performers from across the country who are working to promote their local art and culture through the online network