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Metro Morning 40 Years: Excerpts From The Show

Matt Galloway spoke about crisis coverage with Susan Marjetti, she is Managing Director of CBC Toronto and the Ontario Region, and with Metro Morning producer Mary Wiens.
Listen audio (runs 5:48)

Matt spoke with Ontario's Premier, Kathleen Wynne.
Listen audio (runs 6:41)

Former Toronto Mayor David Crombie stopped by.
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Matt spoke about the Mississauga derailment with Anne Wright-Howard. She was the senior producer of Metro Morning from 1979 to '81.
Listen audio (runs 6:50)

Shahid Akhtar talked about attitude changes after 9/11. He is the founder of the Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims.
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Matt spoke about youth violence with Latoya Rodney, she is a former gang member who now works as a social worker, and with Brandon Hay. He is the executive director of the Black Daddies Club.
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Matt spoke about South Asian violence with Naila Butt. She is the executive director of the Social Services Network.
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Elder care was discussed with Stacey Daub, the CEO of the Toronto-Central Community Care Access Centre, and with Dr. Mark Nowaczynski.. He is the clinical director of "House Calls", a mobile team serving seniors in North Toronto.
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Claude Germain is the co-CEO of SMTC, the winner of this year's CBC Toronto Immigrant Advantage Award, and Ratna Omidvar, the chair of the board of directors of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council, spoke about the importance of the CBC.
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Chef Susur Lee explained why he keeps Toronto as his home.
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