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Metro Morning, live from Cooksville

On Thursday the 18th of October, our show came live from Cooksville, where we met recent immigrants who were about to be sworn in as new Canadians. Thanks to Rosemary Stiglic and the staff of TL Kennedy Secondary for welcoming us to your school!

A Tour Of Cooksville: Long-time resident Louroz Mercader gave Metro Morning's Laura Glowacki a tour of downtown Cooksville.
Listen audio (runs 5:38)

Student To Vice Principal: Matt Galloway spoke with the acting vice principal at T-L Kennedy Secondary School, Kevin Williams.
Listen audio (runs 6:02)

From India: Matt Galloway spoke with Vivek and Rashna Shetty. They immigrated to Canada from India four years ago.
Listen audio (runs 6:05)

Hotbed For Small Business: Matt Galloway spoke with Haji Jamil, he owns Tabaq, a Middle Eastern restaurant at the Newin Centre here in Mississauga, and with Terence Velox. He is the Community Connections Manger at the Newcomer Centre of Peel.
Listen audio (runs 4:57)

Accommodating Growth: Matt Galloway spoke with Karen Crouse. She community planner with the City of Mississauga.
Listen audio (runs 3:29)

Moved From Gangs To Dance: Metro Morning's Laura Glowacki met with Ron Pagcaliwagon. He is the Programs Manager at the Gateway Centre for New Canadians.
Listen audio (runs 5:41)

From Turkey And Jamaica: Matt Galloway spoke with Sharon Elaine Henry and Ayten Gunduz.
Listen audio (runs 6:10)

"King of Cooksville": Matt Galloway spoke with Louroz Mercader. He is a community organizer and the founder of the Mississauga Youth Games, and also a driving force behind the creation of a new Cooksville business association.
Listen audio (runs 4:13)

Busiest Bus: The CBC's Mary Wiens took a ride on Number 19, with driver Anu Dhabhar.
Listen audio (runs 6:18)

The Mayor: Matt Galloway spoke with Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion.
Listen audio (runs 6:02)

Citizenship Judge: Matt Galloway spoke with judge Renata Brum Bozzi.
Listen audio (runs 5:00)

From Sudan: Matt Galloway spoke with Aiman Khougali Abd Elrahman, and her daughter and son.
Listen audio (runs 4:29)