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Cease Fire


Crime and community: How does one influence the other?

Next in our series Cease Fire: Taking Back our Communities, Matt Galloway goes to Weston-Mount Dennis to see what community leaders there are doing to meet their challenges. Meet Cutty Duncan, Armstrong Boateng, Lekan Olawoye and Shadya Yasin, and find out more about Weston-Mount Dennis.

Listen to the long version of their discussion audio (runs 47:14)

Take a look at where shooting deaths have occurred in the city in the last three years. Share your thoughts in our comments section, on Twitter and on Facebook.

What do we - Toronto's residents, neighbours, police and government - still need to accomplish to reclaim our communities? Stay tuned this week to Metro Morning, CBC News Toronto at 5, 5:30, 6 and

Series Launch: Matt Galloway spoke with Dwight Drummond. He anchors CBC News Toronto with Anne-Marie Mediwake.
Listen audio (runs 6:04)

New Buildings, Old Problems: The CBC's Mary Wiens has the story of what it means to live next door to an alleged drug house.
Listen audio (runs 7:02)

Problems, Carding, Optimism: Today on Metro Morning, we're focusing on the neighbourhood of Weston-Mount Dennis. Last week, Matt travelled to a strip mall near Weston Road and Jane, to sit down with some of the people who live and work in that neighbourhood. Shadya Yasin is the Network Coordinator of York Youth Initiatives, LeKan Olawoye is the executive director of For Youth Initiatives, and Cutty Duncan is the project co-ordinator at the local Action For Neighbourhood Change association.
Listen audio (runs 16:39)

Hair Salons: Mary Wiens dropped by a community hub, the hair salon.
Listen audio (runs 6:31)

Making A Community Safer: Matt Galloway spoke with Superintendent Mark Saunders. He is the Unit Commander of 12 Division, which includes Weston-Mount Dennis.
Listen audio (runs 7:43)