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"Toronto Juggernauts"

We are taking a closer look at four juggernauts of Toronto's economy.

Matt Galloway spoke with the CBC's Mary Wiens about her series, "Toronto Juggernauts".
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It is said the Dreamliner, the new 787 jet that Boeing is rolling out this year, will revolutionize the airline industry, and as Mary Wiens explains, it is already making news everywhere it goes.
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Mining is a major driver of Toronto's economy. More than half of all the world's mining and gas companies are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and now the Schulich School of Business is launching a new mining MBA. The CBC's Mary Wiens went to the corner of King and Bay for that story.
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Pension funds used to be considered the sleepy backwater of the investment world, but today's economy is still recovering from the "creative" financing and speculation that preceded the financial crash. But as Mary Wiens tells us, they are a force to be reckoned with here at home, and even more abroad.
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