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Mary Wiens: June 2012 Archives

"Tougher Than Academics"

Graduates of all kinds have been taking a bow this week. TJ Shurland is one of those students, he graduated last week with an Honours BA. Along the way, he's graduated from something much tougher. Metro Morning's Mary Wiens brought us TJ's story.
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Regent Park Quilt

Mary Wiens spoke with members of the Regent Park Women and Families Quilting Group. They told her about the art and emotion of quilting.

Their quilt, commissioned by The Daniels Corporation, was unveiled at Paintbox Condominiums on Wednesday, June 13th. The fabric narrative they stitched captures the past and future of Regent Park as seen through the eyes of the people who live there. The quilt is 90 inches wide and 77 inches long, and took 870 hours to complete.

The women feel encouraged by their first steps towards the creation of a successful micro-business. Their quilt will hang permanently in the lobby of Paintbox Condominiums.
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Census Portrait #2

One of the most surprising headlines from the latest census was the toddler trend. Thorncliffe Park is part of the reason why, a quarter of the people living in Thorncliffe Park are under the age of 14. Metro Morning's Mary Wiens visited the neighbourhood.
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