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Mary Wiens: May 2012 Archives

Bowing Out

The CBC's Mary Wiens tells us why local Iranians are bailing on Toronto's condo market, a sign not just of a softening market here at home, but of international sanctions on Iran.
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Foreign Investors

Condo towers have become Toronto's new rental housing. In some new buildings, there are actually more tenants than owners, and many of the owners are foreign investors, people who have no intention of ever living in the units they own. As the CBC's Mary Wiens tells us, people who use condos as another way to make money, create unintended consequences for Toronto's housing market.

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Condo Problems

Tomorrow, at Queen's Park, politicians will debate a private member's bill that would give condominium owners more protection. This morning, the CBC's Mary Wiens introduces us to a condo owner who is learning the limits of Ontario's existing legislation, the hard way.
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