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Mary Wiens

Off-leash Dogs

There are a lot of complaints about dogs going off-leash in this city. But the complaints go both ways. Mary Wiens brought us the story from Canoe Park, where hundreds of dogs and dog owners congregate.
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Freelance Teachers

On "Just in Time Jobs", the CBC's Mary Wiens tells us about the rapid growth of contract work in colleges and universities, former bastions of tenured secure work.
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We will be talking about this issue in a lot more detail at a special Townhall this Wednesday External Site, March 4th, in Glenn Gould Studio here at the CBC Broadcasting Centre, 250 Front Street West.


Fathering Change

Many children in African-Canadian homes grow up without fathers. Some fathers walk out on their children, others all but give up, settling for infrequent visits. This week on "Fathering Change", we'll hear from black fathers who want a bigger role in their children's lives.

Matt Galloway spoke with the CBC's Mary Wiens.
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Mary Wiens tells the story of photographer Zun Lee External Site, and the black men who stepped up for him.
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Excerpts from the Fathering Panel. Matt Galloway spoke with Kike Ojo, senior program analyst with the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies, Lance McCready, co-author of a report, "Gathering Our Voices" about the experiences of black fathers in Toronto, Vidoll Regisford, he is a psycho-therapist and clinical consultant for Ujima House, and witth Zakiyah Tefari, he runs a parenting program at Ujima House.
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Ujima House External Site.