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Metro Morning
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Distracted Driving Kills

The Ontario government has introduced new legislation which would crack down on distracted driving, those rules come out of the tragic death of a woman as a result of a vehicle collision just over a year ago. Matt Galloway spoke with Kandiah Kanagarajah. His sister, Manoranjana, was killed last August when a truck collided with a TTC bus she was riding.
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Higher Fines

The fines for distracted driving could soon go up significantly. But will that be enough to put a stop to what the OPP has called the "number one killer" on Ontario's roads? Matt Galloway spoke with Ontario's Transportation Minister, Steven Del Duca.
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Fast Food Trends

Changing tastes, changing menus, consumer's tastes for fast food are shifting. Matt Galloway spoke with CBC business reporter Nisha Patel.
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Vitamin D

Matt Galloway spoke with our health columnist Dr. Peter Lin.
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Slow Aid

As the death toll from Ebola in West Africa rises, so has the global response to the epidemic. But there are worries about that aid not reaching the people who need it quickly enough. Matt Galloway spoke with David Morley. He is the President and CEO of UNICEF Canada.
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Ebola Strategy

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 45-hundred people have died from Ebola in West Africa. Matt Galloway spoke with Leo Johnson. He is the executive director of Empowerment Squared in Hamilton.
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Ebola Reaction

How worried should we actually be about the Ebola virus? Matt Galloway spoke with Ontario's Minister of Health, Dr. Eric Hoskins.
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Flood Protection

A billion dollars, that is how much the CEO of Waterfront Toronto says is needed for flood protection in the lower Don Valley. Matt Galloway spoke with John Campbell. He is the CEO of Waterfront Toronto.
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Political Endorsements

If you have noticed that some of the mayoral candidates are announcing new endorsements each day, there is a good reason for that. Matt Galloway spoke with Henry Jacek. He is a professor of political science at McMaster University.
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Indian Status

The federal government is facing a court challenge by an Ontario woman on what it means to be a status Indian. Matt Galloway spoke with Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux. She is the Vice Provost of Aboriginal Initiatives at Lakehead University.
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Bid For BlackBerry?

Rumours are swirling again about a possible takeover offer for BlackBerry. Matt Galloway spoke with CBC business reporter Nisha Patel.
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Junior Hockey Lawsuit

The Canadian Hockey League is facing a class-action lawsuit for allegedly conspiring to force junior hockey players to sign contracts that don't meet minimum wage laws. Matt Galloway spoke with David Branch. He is the President of the Canadian Hockey League.
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Sexy Costumes

What should your daughter dress as this Hallowe'en, a witch, a clown, or a sexy cat? Matt Galloway spoke with Stephanie Kleiman. She is the co-editor of the magazine, Her External Site.
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"Gore Factor"

Are TV shows more violent than they used to be? Matt Galloway spoke with our pop culture columnist Jesse Wente.
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Market Street

The 40th Toronto Heritage Awards will be given out tonight. Among the projects up for awards is the redevelopment of Market Street. The late developer Paul Oberman saw its potential, envisioning a thriving stretch of patios and restaurants. Earlier this year, Metro Morning's Morgan Passi visited Market Street with Paul's widow, Eve Lewis.
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Love Of Soup

Fall means a few things, Halloween costumes, piles of leaves, and big, steaming bowls of soup to warm you up after a cool day outside. Matt Galloway spoke with Jeanette Bailey. She is the co-owner of Soup n' Such Cafe on Dundas Street West.
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School Board Trustees

The city's mayoral and council elections get a lot of attention, but what about the election of school board trustees? Matt Galloway spoke with Sachin Maharaj, he is a teacher and a graduate student at OISE, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. And with Bruce Davis, he is a former trustee and chair of the Toronto District School Board.
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Technology Fighting Ebola

Could technology be the secret weapon that helps stop the spread of the Ebola virus? Matt Galloway spoke with our technology columnist Jesse Hirsh.
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A project to commemorate those who fought in the First World War. Matt Galloway spoke with R.H. Thomson. He is the producer of The World Remembers External Site, a project to display the names of all the soldiers from all the countries who died fighting in the First World War.
You are invited down to Toronto City Hall tonight at 7:45, to see the first names of those who died in the first year of the conflict.
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Gord Nixon on MaRS

Matt Galloway spoke with Gord Nixon, board chair of MaRS Discovery District, about the MaRS Discovery District's Phase Two Tower.
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Are We Too Afraid of Ebola?

Are we getting out of step with the actual risk Ebola poses to Canadians? Matt Galloway spoke with Nyka Alexander, spokesperson for the UN's World Health Organization. She recently returned from Guinea and Sierra Leone.
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What's On: Film festival explores Estonian Canadian connection

A film about Estonians who fled to Canada in 1944 following a Soviet screens as part of Est Docs; and the film festival is just one of the many events worth checking out this weekend:

Oct 16 to Oct 21
Various Locations

Connections is the theme for the 10th annual EstDocs festival, which features films by Estonians, Estonian-Canadians and non-Estonians about the relationship to Estonia. Take for example, Keepers of the Loom, a documentary about women who fled Estonia in 1944 following the Soviet Union and came to Canada, and who have keep a connection with the homeland they left behind through a beloved textile tradition. And to sweeten the festival experience, nosh on kringel (Estonian sweetbread cake) instead of popcorn!

For more on the films and the festival, check out the EstDocs website.

Dance Like A Man
Oct 16 to Oct 18
Meadowvale Theatre

A family of dancers - mother, father and daughter -- struggles with a secret as the daughter's dance debut looms, the tension ratcheted up by a fiance clueless about the dance world. Well known classical Indian dancer Lata Pada stars in the play, along side seasoned actor Anand Rajaram.

For more information, check out the Sawitri Theatre website.

Buffer Festival
Oct 17 to Oct 19
Various Locations

Have a YouTube celebrity you follow and subscribe to? Chances are you can catch them at the festival of YouTube content.

For more information on the line-up, check out the Buffer Festival website.

In Concert: Aruna Narayan Kalle
Oct 18
Glenn Gould Studio

Aruna Narayan Kalle is the daughter of the late Pandit Ram Narayan, a luminary in Indian classical music for bringing out the sarangi from orchestral oblivion and into the spotlight. The sarangi is a short-necked, bowed stringed instrument said that to resemble the human voice. Kalle will share the stage with Partho Sarothy on sarod, another stringed instrument related to the rebab, and Shubhojyoti Guha on tabla.

For more information, check out the Raag-Mala Musical Society of Toronto website.

In Concert: The Plaitwrights
Oct 19
Studio Bar

This Toronto duo with a cool sound of funk, soul and hiphop performs as part of the Dream House Music.Arts.Design Festival.

For more information, check out the Dream House Music.Arts.Design Festival Facebook page.


"No Training"

Ontario's nurses are raising concerns about our preparedness to deal with Ebola, if it reaches this province. Guest host Jill Dempsey spoke with Doris Grinspun. She is CEO of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.
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"Resets The Clock"

So far, the TSX is down about 10 per cent since September, undoing most of the gains of the past year. Guest host Jill Dempsey spoke with Paul Harris. He is a Partner and Portfolio Manager with Avenue Investment Management here in Toronto.
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A Bright Side?

A week of terrible business news, could there be a bright side? Guest host Jill Dempsey spoke with Armine Yalnizyan. She is our business commentator on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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