Episode 7: With Open Arms


Today on Metamorphosis, we're telling the story of a young man from Colombia with no arms who arrives on a church doorstep in Toronto's Hispanic community looking for help. The community embraces him and helps him buy artificial limbs. But a terrible decision on his part leaves the community feeling angry and betrayed. JoseFull.jpgJose Prado had both of his arms removed at the shoulder after an electrical accident in Colombia in 1991.  He was just 15 years old.  He came to Canada alone and penniless hoping to fulfill his dream of acquiring artificial limbs.

He was welcomed into Toronto's Hispanic community by the parishioners of San Lorenzo Anglican Church.  They raised nearly $40,000 to pay for his new prosthetic arms.  Jose even landed a volunteer position as a talk show host at Canada's first Hispanic radio station.  He quickly became a source of pride and inspiration in the community.

Then, during a trip back to Colombia to visit family, he made a decision that would lead ultimately lead to prison and his estrangement from his friends and support network at San Lorenzo.

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