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What's Your News? is a ground-breaking series that brings 4 - 7 year old children THEIR news.

"Our top story today: Kallon Laudat can kick a ball really far!"

"This just in - Maya Myrdal can play the piano with both hands!" 

This is news that children can relate to - because it's about the kinds of things that happen to them. News anchored by a pair of entertaining ants, every episode follows a major breaking news story and a feature story. There are interviews with child experts, special reports, traffic updates and weather. What's Your News? focuses on children's experiences and interests, showing them a world filled with other children whose news reflects their own.  It celebrates and honours a child's life as a child.

The children's stories might be anything: the arrival of a new pet; the ability to play a new tune on a piano; or getting a haircut. The stories are real, down to earth, easy to identify with and pretty much universal.

The show's anchormen are: an ant called Grant; and Antony, an anteater who thinks he's an ant. Grant is the consummate professional, and plays the straight man to Antony's amiable, wide-eyed, shambolic, funny man. They operate in front of a large TV screen, and have a telephone between them that rings when a child calls in with news.

What's Your News? was produced using a technologically innovative combination of live-action with real children, motion capture puppetry and animation, giving a look to the show that is unique.

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