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Wendy Bergfeldt
Host | Mainstreet, Cape Breton
Host | Island Echoes

Wendy brings more than two decades of journalistic experience to the job. She's been a correspondent and field producer for BBC Scotland, a reporter on the prairies and a current affairs host in the North.  

For the last several years she has been involved in the daily journalism of Cape Breton Island, covering the political, social and economic stories of the day. 

In addition to the current affairs mandate, Wendy has also become one of Cape Breton's most recognized cultural observers, featuring virtually every artist, author and musician on the Island. This experience has allowed Wendy to pursue a variety of projects. She was invited to be a collaborating scholar on the SSHRC funded International Singing Storytellers Symposium and she is a contributing editor to an upcoming book on Cape Breton traditional music by Dr. Liz Doherty from the University of Ulster. 

She's produced three CDs highlighting Cape Breton fiddlers, Gaelic singers, and Acadian women. Her work with the music industry has garnered her three Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia Nominations and two ECMA nominations.  She has an advanced Bachelor's degree from the University of Saskatchewan, studied film at the University of Regina and holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Research.

Wendy is also very active in the community hosting and moderating dozens of concerts and conventions every year.  

She lives in Sydney with her husband and two daughters.

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