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Tom Allen
Host | Shift

Tom Allen brings his entertaining wit and love for music to Shift on Radio 2, weekdays from 1 PM to 3:30 PM, 1:30 PM in Newfoundland.

Allen is a passionate music lover, storyteller, accomplished trombonist, writer and broadcaster and brings a wealth of knowledge to CBC Radio 2. Tom hosted Music and Company on Radio 2 for 10 years and then went on to host Radio 2 Morning. Prior to this, his weekly stories aired to a keen Ontario audience on CBC Radio One's Fresh Air and nationally on This Morning.

He is a frequent onstage host for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and has brought his Classical Goodtime Variety Show to orchestras across Canada. His cabaret The Bohemians in Brooklyn, with Patricia O'Callaghan, Bryce Kulak and his wife, the harpist Lori Gemmell was the surprise hit at the Young Centre Cabaret Festival in Toronto and was described as "slickly written" and "beautifully punctuated with songs." Tom has also had three books published, most recently The Gift of the Game, a reflection on hockey and the role the game plays in the life of a divorced parent. 

Allen studied at McGill University, graduated from Boston University and received his MA at Yale University. While looking for full-time work as a trombonist, he temped on Wall Street and cooked in a Mexican restaurant. One of his favourite musical memories is of joining 87 other trombonists on the first-base line at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox home opener in 1982. In 1987, he began touring with the Great Lakes Brass until he joined CBC Radio in Halifax.

Tom lives with his wife in Toronto with their son, hoping for visits from the other kids who aren't kids anymore. Aside from his passion for music and literature, he's an avid cyclist and plays recreational hockey and basketball.

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