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The Doodlebops combines music and dancing, with fun stories to help preschoolers increase their self-confidence, as well as encourages physical activity. The show reinforces significant pro-social values, such as cooperation, teamwork, trying one's best, and facing fears - all conveyed in the fast and fun Doodlebops' style by band members Deedee, Rooney and Moe. 

Season three includes dance instruction, which encourages kids to get up and move along with the band. The popular "Doodlebops Dance of the Day" segment focuses on movement and dance steps that preschooler viewers can easily master. Season three also continues to include stories that impart simple, age-appropriate life lessons on such topics as reluctance to try something new, envy/sibling rivalry, learning to ask for help, and discovery of new cultures and languages.

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    The Doodlebops

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    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday @ 10:30AM


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