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Terry Seguin 
Host | Information Morning Fredericton

Raised in Ontario, Terry attended Laurentian University in Sudbury to study Phys­Ed,  then on to Fanshawe College in London to study broadcast journalism. Terry started his broadcasting career at CKOT in Tillsonburg, ON as a reporter/newsreader, and worked in various other media outlets throughout Ontario before moving to the Maritimes to work for ATV in Sydney and Saint John. In 1985 he joined CBC New Brunswick as a TV reporter, and in 1987 became anchor of NB Now, CBC Television's then supper-­hour news program.

In 2003, Terry went back to his radio roots and became the host of Information Morning in Fredericton.   Terry's career highlights include co­hosting Midday with Valerie Pringle, hosting the National/Saturday Report and guest­hosting CBC Newsworld Morning from Halifax. 

Terry prides himself on his savvy interviews with some of the world's most influential people including ­ J.K Galbraith, Joey Smallwood, Ralph Nader, Michael Dukakis, Rene Levesque, Bill Davis, Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien.

He has won several awards for investigative journalism including the Dan McArthur  National Award for Investigative Television Reporting in 2002. Terry's biggest passion is his family. He and his wife Willa Stevenson have two children, Nicola and Jack. Terry's favourite things are a big juicy Shiraz, a good steak, time to watch a good movie, and sitting on the cottage dock with his family.
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