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Ted Blades
Host | On the Go

I began hosting On The Go in 2003.

Before that, I bounced around the CBC working on the St. John's Morning Show, Radio Noon, Morningside, As It Happens and Quirks and Quarks.  Somewhere in there, I spent three years opening, and running, the CBC Radio station in Victoria, B.C.  But other than that diplomatic posting in the tropics, St. John's has been my home for more than 25 years now. 
I grew up in the woods, listening to the radio late at night; the speaker was a tiny, crackling window on the world, and I still shake my head sometimes, to think I'm on this side of things now.

One of the things I like best about my current gig is that I get to talk with almost everyone, from politicians to police officers, from whip-smart teenagers to visiting rock stars, from people with polar bears on their front porch to local chefs.

But for me, the greatest joy I get is the feedback from listeners like you. The calls to Talk back, the emails and tweets, the chance encounters on the street, they mean a lot to me because On The Go is your show as much as it is ours.

See you on the radio.