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Sue Smith
Host | Homerun

Sue is a well-known personality on the Montreal scene. From 1989 to 1992 she hosted CBC Television's popular and innovative entertainment show City Beat. After a stint overseas during which she worked as a television producer for Worldwide Television News and later as that network's Caribbean correspondent, Sue returned to her native Montreal.  She hosted This Morning Live on Global television before returning to CBC Television as host of the lifestyle show, Living Montreal. While still working in television, Sue began to appear on CBC radio, first as a replacement host and eventually as the host of Radio Noon. In 2010 she moved to the host chair of Homerun, a job she had always dreamed of and is proud to make her own. 

She holds a BA from McGill as well as a Masters degree in international relations. As well as her busy broadcast career, Sue is a busy wife and mother to three wonderful children. She also tries to find time for cooking, gardening, singing and playing the piano, as well as her cat, two large dogs and two very large horses! 

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