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Sheila Coles
Host | The Morning Edition

Sheila Coles, host of The Morning Edition, was born in England, but the Brits packed her off to the colonies before she reached the ripe old age of three. 

She then spent the next twenty years of her life looking for a place that would let her stay. Stops along the way included Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, St. John's, Beijing, Barbados and Jersey (Channel Islands). Saskatchewan said no, but she stayed anyway, agreeing to do her bit to keep the population up (three kids: Lisa, Alison, and Nathan).

Sheila's elementary school report cards all claimed that "Sheila talks too much", her shrewd teachers already on to early indications there would be a career involving the spoken word. Oddly, they did not encourage this clear talent! (Those same report cards said "Sheila has difficulty following directions". Morning Edition producers nod...and sigh.)

Sheila feels she has the best job in journalism and hopes the powers-that-be will continue to let her call Saskatchewan "home". Sheila lives in Regina's Cathedral area with the above-mentioned offspring, her long-suffering husband, and her adorable epileptic Labrador Retriever, Oskar.

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