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Sean Reynolds
Host | CBC News Winnipeg at 11 
Host of CBC News Winnipeg at 11 p.m. on CBC Television, Sean Reynolds was born and raised in Manitoba where he spent the majority of his journalism career. Starting with CBC Radio One, he spent two years reporting and producing before making the jump to a hosting role. 

His path to television news was anything but ordinary. On his way to a career in education he decided to try his hand at construction, a job that would take him across Canada and eventually lead him to open his own roofing company.
After stops in the Northwest Territories, Calgary and Prince George, Alberta and finally Golden, British Columbia he followed his love of sports to chase a career in sports journalism. Sean graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto before taking his first paying journalism position at Sportsnet. 
Taking a job with Global Television brought him, full circle, back to Winnipeg and finally to CBC in 2008.

Follow Sean on Twitter: @cbcseanreynolds

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