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Sabrina Marandola
Weather Specialist | CBC News Montreal Late Night 

Sabrina (@SMarandola) first discovered her passion for storytelling when she was nine years old - during a public speaking competition at her elementary school. She knew right then and there, she wanted to work in Journalism.

Born and raised in Montreal's East End, Sabrina graduated with distinction from Concordia University with a joint specialization in Communications & Journalism.

Her professional career began in print, before she entered the world of broadcast journalism - working in both radio and television.

Sabrina joined the CBC in 2008, thrilled to share her skills as a writer/broadcaster, news reporter, web journalist, traffic reporter, weather presenter, host, producer, line-up editor and studio director.

When she is not working, Sabrina cannot get away from her Italian roots. She writes for Panoram Italia Magazine, loves to travel to Italy every few years to visit her friends and relatives...and she has an addictive passion for pizza, high-heeled shoes and dancing.