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Rick Cluff
Host | The Early Edition

Rick Cluff has been the host of CBC Radio's popular Vancouver morning show, The Early Edition since September of 1997. Prior to that, Rick's voice was well known as an award-winning journalist and sports commentator. He has had the opportunity to report on numerous Olympic, Commonwealth and Canada Games as well as various world championship events   from the South Pacific to the Arctic Circle.

His skills as an interviewer and program host are well recognized and during his extensive career Rick has appeared on many CBC Radio and Television programs.

Rick is a member of the Journalist Section of the Canadian Football League Hall of Fame and holds degrees in Political Science and Economics from the University of Western Ontario in London and Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa. Rick also has a diploma in Municipal Administration from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto.  In 2010, Rick was awarded the Huron University College Medal of Distinction, given to those whose life achievements set an example of excellence.

Ricks loves to play golf, loves music of all description and is the proud father of a son and a daughter. 

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