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Reshmi Nair 
Host | CBC News Network

Born in Toronto, Reshmi Nair is a first generation Canadian; her parents emigrated from Kerala, India in the 1960s. Reshmi has spent a significant part of her life on the west coast of Canada, first studying broadcast at Columbia Academy in Vancouver, and later working as a news reporter at Mountain FM in Squamish, B.C. After working at News1130 in Vancouver, Nair moved to television, working first at CTV British Columbia and later at CTV Toronto. 

Reshmi joined CBC News Network to launch Connect with Mark Kelley in October 2009 and has been a rising star at the public broadcaster ever since. She takes pride is sharing stories with Canadians, while having a little fun.

Reshmi says she's just as passionate about art and antiques as she is about the news. On weekends she visits thrift shops and garage sales to search for the next great item to add to her collection.

You can follow Reshmi on Twitter: @reshminair

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