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RIFTWORLD: CHRONICLES follows Alar of Caer Caladh (Tahmoh Penikett), who is stuck in Toronto after one of his spells goes awry. He teams up with struggling journalist Kim (Erin Karpluk) to help get him back home. Hunted by a fantastical foe, they try to solve the mystery of what binds their worlds -- and their fates -- together.

The series begins with a portal opening in a desolate alley in downtown Toronto, where Alar steps out to a foreign world -- Earth. Clearly lost, he tries to use his powers to cast a teleport spell, to no avail. Fascinated by this new dimension, he seeks out a palace only to meet Kim, a savvy up-and-coming journalist, who is pretty sure he is just another homeless man off his meds. It'll take more than a necklace, a dimension-travelling monster, and possible imprisonment for Kim to realize Alar is the real deal.

RIFTWORLD: CHRONICLES is created by Jonathan Williams and produced by First Love & Sienna Films.

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