Monster Math Squad

About the Show

The MONSTER MATH SQUAD loves to use their monster math skills to help their fellow monsters in trouble.

Monstrovia is an alpine village with a twist: there are monster houses, abominable fridge monsters, monster doormats, TV monsters and vacuum cleaner monsters. In fact, it's just one great big monster world! Monstrovia is a monstrously mixed-up place with uniquely monstrous problems.

MONSTER MATH SQUADstars Max, Lily and Goo. While they may not be the biggest or bravest (or even the brainiest) monsters on the block, the Squad loves nothing better than to put their monster minds together and use their math skills to overcome any obstacle they face--even ones with two left feet or ten thumbs.

Each story features a job for the Squad; helping a monster with a unique problem. Along the way, the Squad faces a variety of small challenges that require learning and using numeracy skills to save the day.

TheMONSTER MATH SQUADis quite simply mad for math and all things "mathy": counting, measuring, sizing, sorting,exploring shapes, patterns, time--you name it! For the Monster Math Squad, math can solve any problem. The series' mission is to promote the love of numeracy, the idea that math is everywhere, and that math is fun!

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Monster Math Squad

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Television Show


Weekday mornings on Kids' CBC


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