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Metro Morning

Weekdays @ 5:30AM

Metro Morning is the audio version of Toronto's Yonge Street: a central urban artery that cuts through the heart of the city and beyond; connecting people, neighbourhoods, communities, diverse pockets and populations.

The program expresses the realities of life and experience in Canada's largest city through a weave of news, current affairs and the information you need to start your day, including consistent and predictable weather and traffic.

Hosted by Matt Galloway, Metro Morning presents the city's rich texture through music, poetry, drama, spoken word, live performance and humour.

Follow Metro Morning on twitter @metromorning.

Ontario Today

Weekdays @ 12:00PM

Ontario Today is the first and only news and call-in program to link radio listeners across this huge province. Ontario Today keeps you up-to-date on the stories that affect you; and initiates a province-wide conversation where everyone feels welcome. It attracts half a million listeners a week.

Here & Now

Weekdays @ 3:00PM

Here & Now provides a wrap-up of the day's hottest local, national and international news.

Fresh Air

Saturday and Sunday @ 6:00AM

Fresh Air is CBC Radio's weekend morning show in Ontario. Hosted by Nana aba Duncan, it's an engaging mix of music, interviews with guests, columnists and contributors, as well as news, weather and more.

Big City, Small World

Saturday @ 5:00PM

Big City, Small World is your cultural connection to life in Toronto. Whether it's music, dance, theatre, books, film, spoken word or visual art, Toronto's top talent will be featured. Plus we'll check out some of the more daring and unusual events around town, and mine the scene for the bright lights of tomorrow. Errol Nazareth is the host.

Twitter: @cbcbigcity

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Gillian Deacon

Host | Here and Now

Nana aba Duncan

Host | Fresh Air

Matt Galloway

Host | Metro Morning
Host | Podcast Playlist

Kimberly Gale

News Anchor | CBC Radio One Toronto

Errol Nazareth

Host | Big City Small World

Mary Wiens

Journalist/Producer | Metro Morning

Jill Dempsey

Newsreader | Metro Morning
Host | Olympic Games Report