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A New Day - weekdays @ 6:00AM
Each weekday, host Sandi Coleman starts your day with breaking news, issues, and water cooler talk from Whitehorse and surrounding communities to around the world.

Midday Cafe - weekdays @ 12:00PM
A radio gathering place where Yukoners can relax, enjoy their lunch and reconnect with the days events.

Airplay - weekdays @ 4:00PM
Dave White welcomes Yukoners back home after their busy day. The show brings listeners up to speed on what has happened in the territory

The Weekender - weekends @ 6:00AM
A relaxed blend of regional news, survival information, arts and leisure, community events and personality profiles along with great music.


The Trailbreaker - weekdays @ 6:00AM
Every weekday morning Loren McGinnis and the Trailbreaker team will have the latest news, weather and information and connect you with the great northerners who are breaking trail in the NWT.

Northwind - weekdays @ 12:00PM
Listeners can catch up with the day's events from communities across the territory hosted from our Inuvik studio by Wanda McLeod.

Tide Godi - weekdays @ 1:00PM
Hosted by Harriet Paul. This hour-long program highlights news and stories for the Dogrib listeners throughout the southern Mackenzie Valley.

Nantaii - weekdays @ 1:00PM
Hosted by Ruth Carroll, Nantaii is a daily broadcast to the Gwich'in communities of the Western Arctic and Old Crow, Yukon.

Le Got'she deh - North Slavey - weekdays @ 2:00PM
Host Leitha Kochon provides the top stories of the day and information for North Slavey listeners from Deline to the Arctic Ocean.

Le Got'she deh - South Slavey - weekdays @ 2:00PM
Host Peter Hope informs South Slavey listeners from Wrigley to Fort Chipewan about issues affecting their communities.

Dene Dayalti'l - weekdays @ 3:00PM
Hosted by Tony Buggins in the Chipewyan language, news and information from the Denesoline (Chipewyan) communities in NT, AB, SK and MB.

Tusaavik - weekdays @ 3:00PM
Annie Goose brings news, community information and entertainment for Inuvialuktun listeners in the northern NWT and the Eastern and Central Arctic.

Trail's End - weekdays @ 4:00PM
We share the end of the workday with listeners throughout the CBC NWT region with news, sports, and weather.

Dene Yati - Saturday @ 5:00PM
A summary of the week's news in all the aboriginal languages.


Saturday and Sunday AM - weekends @ 6:00AM
Join Eemeelayou Arnaquq for current weather, community announcements, and a range of stories.

Qulliq - weekdays @ 6:00AM
Our Inuktitut and English morning show. Qulliq features news and current affairs stories from across the region, the north and the country.

Nipivut - weekdays @ 12:00PM
Host Rosie Simonfalvy brings you up to date on issues and events, with emphasis on things happening in Iqaluit in both Inuktitut and English.

Tausunni - weekdays @ 1:30PM
Join Aseena Mablick for Tausunni. This program presents a wide range of stories about Inuit culture and current events in Inuktitut.

Sunday Request Show - Sunday @ 3:00PM
Join the longest running request show from CBC Iqaluit. Jasen Kelly and Kootoo Onalik are the hosts of the show.

Tuttavik - weekdays @ 3:00PM
Tuttavik covers the important news, current events and cultural stories from Nunavik in Inuktitut. Alec Gordon and William Tagoona are your hosts.

Tusaajaksat - weekdays @ 4:00PM
Stories from the Kivalliq region from our station in Rankin Inlet. The first hour and a half are in Inuktitut, with English following the regional news.

Ullumi Tusaqsauqaujut - weekdays @10:05PM
Some of the best Inuktitut stories from the day on Ullumi Tusaqsauqaujut.

Sinnaksautit - weekdays @ 10:30PM
CBC North Nunavut brings you traditional storytelling in Inuktitut from elders across the region.

Nord Quebec

Winschgaoug - weekdays @ 7:30AM
Host Melissa Natachequan brings listeners in-depth interviews and weekly features on health, women's success stories, elders' wisdom and kids.'

Eyou Dipajimoon - weekdays @ 12:00PM
Roderick Rabbitskin brings you a broad range of political, educational and cultural topics, our daily current affairs magazine program.

Boréal Hebdo - Saturday @ 10:05AM
Boréal Hebdo is a French-language radio magazine covering the political, economic, cultural and traditional life of people north of the 50th parallel.

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Monday to Friday @ 6:00AM, Saturday and Sunday @ 6:00AM


Loren McGinnis

Host | The Trailbreaker

Sandi Coleman

Host | A New Day