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All Points West - weekdays @ 3:00PM

About the Show 'All Points West' is the place where people from Victoria and Vancouver Island gather to catch up on the day's news, meet some new and interesting people and get a few picks for the evening's entertainment. It's where you can depend on getting the information you need - weather, traffic and ferries - to plan the rest of your day. Our host brings Victorians and Islanders, smart conversation, stories to think about and music worth listening to.

B.C. Almanac - weekdays @ 12:00PM

About the Show: Gloria Macarenko connects British Columbians as they share stories and ideas about what they have in common and what makes them different. Join the conversation every day.

Daybreak North - weekdays @ 6:00AM

Daybreak is the most listened-to morning show in Northern B.C. by a country kilometre! Broadcasting from Quesnel to Fort Nelson and from Queen Charlotte City to the Robson Valley, as well as in Bella Coola and the West Chilcotin.

Daybreak North is CBC Radio One's current affairs morning show in the Northern Interior and on the north and central coasts.

Program hosts in Prince George and Prince Rupert bring listeners the latest news, weather and road information. The show also covers a broad range of issues, from natural resources, including forestry and fisheries, to native affairs, the environment and the arts.

Daybreak South - weekdays @ 5:30AM

Daybreak South is CBC Radio One's current affairs morning show covering the Southern Interior of British Columbia, based in Kelowna.

Host Chris Walker brings listeners in the Southern Interior of British Columbia the latest news, weather and road information.

The show also covers a broad range of issues from business and personal finance to native affairs, the environment and the arts.

Hot Air - Saturday @ 5:00PM

Hot Air has been heard on CBC Radio since 1947. The program covers jazz from all eras with a particular interest in B.C. artists.

North by Northwest - weekends @ 6:00AM

Join host Sheryl MacKay as you ease into your weekend mornings. You'll meet creative people from all around the province and hear about their passions and inspirations. You'll visit artists and in their studios, musicians and performers backstage, writers at their keyboards and chefs at the cooktop. There's great conversation, fine music, uplifting poetry and a lot of laughs too waiting for you every weekend on North by Northwest.

On The Coast - weekdays @ 3:00PM

On The Coast is a great way to catch up on the day's news, and get connected to what's happening in your neighbourhood. Join host Stephen Quinn between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.every weekday, and you'll be right up to date on all the latest sports, weather, traffic, and entertainment from around the Lower Mainland.

On the Island - weekdays @ 6:00AM

On The Island has been providing listeners on Vancouver Island with a lively blend of news, reviews and interviews since September 28, 1998. Islanders had long campaigned for their own CBC station and more than five thousand people gathered outside the Pandora Avenue studios to celebrate the launch of On The Island. Since it went on the air On The island has developed a reputation for linking communities taking listeners to every nook and cranny of Vancouver Island from Greater Victoria to Port McNeill. From Ahousaht to Oceanside.

Radio West - weekdays @ 4:00PM

Radio West is B.C.'s newest afternoon show. Host Rebecca Zandbergen meets the people behind the news in B.C.'s Interior, and gives listeners a chance to share their stories too. We also bring you the latest news, weather and highway reports. Join us weekdays from 4 to 6 p.m. PT, on CBC Radio One across B.C. (except in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island).

The Early Edition - weekdays @ 5:00AM

Your way to stay in touch with the news, sports, traffic and weather weekday mornings on the south coast. Every morning from 5:00 to 8:37 a.m. host Rick Cluff delves deeper into the day's local news and finds out how international events affect people locally.

Daybreak Kamloops - weekdays @ 6:00AM

Daybreak Kamloops delivers invigorating morning radio that's fresh, honest and community focused. Shelley Joyce does serious and quirky interviews that make listeners late for work because they can't turn their radios off.

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Robyn Burns

Host | All Points West

Rick Cluff

Host | The Early Edition

Gregor Craigie

Host | On The Island

Carolina de Ryk

Host | Daybreak North

Robert Doane

Host | Daybreak North

Margaret Gallagher

Host | Hot Air

Shelley Joyce

Host | Daybreak Kamloops

Gloria Macarenko

Host | B.C. Almanac
Host | Our Vancouver
Host | The Story from Here

Sheryl MacKay

Host | North by Northwest

Stephen Quinn

Host | On The Coast

Chris Walker

Host | Daybreak South

Rebecca Zandbergen

Host | Radio West