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In the early 90s, BODY BUDS was Canada's most popular 90-second health and fitness segment on TV. Hosts Tyler and Taylor encouraged Canadians to eat sensibly, exercise mildly, and eat donuts occasionally.

Then, the fitness world got faster, harder, and way crazier, and BODY BUDS faded into obscurity.

Until now! BODY BUDSis back and Tyler and Taylor have only one goal: to once again make Body Buds the most popular fitness segment on Canadian TV.

It's not going to be easy. Tyler and Taylor are out of touch, out of shape, and they have a powerful enemy: Canada's reigning extreme fitness leader Shayne D. Is Canada ready to revisit Body Buds' relaxed brand of health and fitness? Stay tuned, and remember Canada, "Get fit...Just a bit!"


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Body Buds