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Portia Clark
Host | Radio Active

Portia Clark is the host of CBC Radio Active from 3-6 p.m. weekdays on CBC Radio One in Edmonton. 

She is an established, award-winning journalist who has covered some of our country's biggest stories in her fifteen-plus years with the CBC. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Dalhousie University and is a graduate of the Broadcast Journalism program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Clark started her journalism career at CBC Halifax as a reporter, announcer, and editor. In 2000, she came west to CBC Edmonton for a news reading job, which was followed by a year of early mornings co-hosting the morning show, Edmonton AM. In 2002, she made the switch to television to host Edmonton's supper-hour newscast, which later became CBC News Edmonton. In 2012, she made the switch back to radio to host our afternoon current affairs show, Radio Active.

She is actively involved in our community and enjoys participating and supporting a variety of local community events. Personally, she likes to run and enjoy our city's river valley with her husband and their two children, as well as spending time in the mountains or experimenting with food.

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