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Hunter Hunter
Foreign Correspondent | The National

We like to keep Paul Hunter busy. So whether it's Haiti's earthquake, the tsunami in Japan, the Boston bombings or that historic first election night for Barack Obama, Hunter has been out there covering it for CBC News.

Think oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, tornado in Oklahoma, the Newtown massacre, the Papal visit to Cuba, war in Gaza or lift off for the final Space Shuttle. And the list goes on. Hunter has been based in Washington since 2008 and covers the White House for CBC but keeps a bag packed at work, just in case.

A CBC reporter for more than 25 years, Paul Hunter's work includes stretches of time in Great Britain, the Middle East and with Canadian troops in Afghanistan. He spent several years in Ottawa providing analysis and context from Parliament Hill while covering three federal elections.

In a sense, Paul Hunter grew up with the CBC. Over the years he's also been stationed with our network in Saskatoon, Calgary and Toronto and has filed reports from just about everywhere in Canada. Some may recall his work at the trial of Hunter Bernardo in the 1990s or his reporting from the US Central Command in Qatar from the early days of the war in Iraq. Hunter's first job in TV was at a CBC affiliate in the tiny town of Wingham, Ontario and he also spent a short time at Canada's radio newswire service Broadcast News.

Although he loves reporting from the field Hunter also enjoys the anchor desk. He was the host of CBC Toronto's supper hour program and in the 1990s he anchored Saturday Report as well as his own week-in-review show on CBC Newsworld (CBC News Network). He's currently one of the substitute anchors for Peter Mansbridge on The National.

For his coverage of the Boston bombings in 2013, Hunter was awarded an RTDNA. Hunter won a Gemini for his reporting from Haiti and has been decorated by the Canadian Association of Journalists for his investigative work.

Outside work, Hunter is an avid music enthusiast who still regrets the demise of mix tapes. Born in Toronto, he keeps hoping that one of these days the Maple Leafs will stop breaking his heart.

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