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Natalie Clancy
Investigative Reporter | CBC News Vancouver
Natalie Clancy is an award-winning journalist with a 20+ year track record for breaking stories from coast to coast.She won several awards for breaking the story about sexual harassment in the RCMP. She recently forced the BC government to improve safety for nurses after exposing a high injury rate due to violence.
Natalie is a fearless journalist, interviewer and broadcaster who has investigated everything from the use of child soldiers in Uganda, to slum landlords, white supremacists and gang murders. Natalie joined CBC news in 1992 after earning a Journalism Degree at Carleton University. She was based in Halifax, Calgary and St. John's before joining Vancouver as a National reporter in 2001. In 2012 Natalie returned reporting after spending 5 years producing and anchoring CBC Vancouver's Late Night TV newscast.
Her investigations have won awards from the Canadian Association of Journalists, RTNDA, Websters, Atlantic Journalism Awards, a New York Festival Gold World medal and two Gemini Nominations.

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