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Nancy Walsh 
Newsreader | St. John's Morning Show
Nancy Walsh joined the busy Morning Show team as newsreader in 2007.
Nancy jokes to the crew that she has two driving forces in life: one is to be thin, the other is to eat a lot. 

She counteracts her love of sweets and pastries with some serious gym time and attempts at running, which helps her keep up with quick-witted colleagues. She boasts being a member of the best book club ever and she's pretty crafty, too. Her fondness for quilting and petit point led Anthony to dub her "Needlepoint Nancy."
Nancy joined forces with the CBC in 1989 and worked in current affairs and in the newsroom, reporting on everything from court trials to business scandals. She covered the burgeoning offshore oil sector as well, both for CBC and for the industry news publication, Platts Oilgram.
Nancy started her radio career with Q Radio in 1985, and then worked as a reporter for The Telegram for four years on the general news beat and for a while had her own TV column.

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