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Mike Wise 
Host | CBC Toronto News at 11

Mike Wise is the anchor of CBC Toronto News at 11, which airs weeknights in the Toronto markets. Wise has covered every beat, including seven years as the Ontario Legislative reporter for CBC Television.

While there he created "Queen's Park: Making the Grade", an award winning series that followed several high school students as they developed their own private member's bills. It was a unique experiment that saw the teens through the political process right up having their bills introduced and debated in the Ontario Legislature.

He also collaborated with Student Vote and Facebook on a series called "The Great Canadian Wish List" It marked the first time the social networking site had partnered with a broadcaster.

Wise started working at CBC when he was just 17 and still in high school. One of his first responsibilities was to work on the 1988 federal election broadcast, even though he wasn't legally old enough to vote.

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