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Michael Serapio
Host | CBC News Network

From the halls of Parliament Hill, to the red carpet of the Academy Awards, to the streets of Toronto and Vancouver, Michael Serapio has had the opportunity to interview politicians, celebrities and Canadians across this country.

Serapio began his career as a producer, and was twice nominated for a Gemini in recognition of his work.

But Serapio always wanted to be a reporter, so in 2001 he embarked on a new career path, hosting a news-magazine show on PrideVision TV.

He moved to Vancouver 2002 to join CTV British Columbia as a reporter, a position he left to become the political reporter for Toronto 1, and then general assignment reporter for CityTV.

In 2010 Serapio joined CBC News.

He started as a Breaking News host, and now Serapio anchors weekend mornings on CBC News Network.

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