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Mary Wiens
Journalist/ Producer | Metro Morning

Mary Wiens is an award-winning journalist and producer who can be heard weekdays on CBC Radio One's #1 morning show, Metro Morning on 99.1 FM in Toronto. 

Mary's range of stories include groundbreaking series about transit, such as "Joyless Commute" about the emotional strain of the daily commute, and "Stuck In Traffic", about commuting to isolated office towers across the GTA.

In other series, such as the award-winning "the Indignity of Aging,"  Mary brings her unique style of journalism to the stories of the people on the front lines of Ontario's inadequate homecare system, combining personal stories with interviews with leading advocates for change.

Mary's wide-ranging beat also takes listeners behind breaking news headlines, like the stories about residents of 320 Dixon, the condo building at the heart of the ongoing police investigation into a video allegedly showing Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack.

Mary's deep affection for Toronto is also expressed in her work as a community volunteer.  As one of the founding members of Roncesvalles Renewed and RoncyWorks, she works on local initiatives that help build a sense of citizenship and civic engagement.