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Mark Szyszlo
Host | North Country

Mark Szyszlo is the host of North Country on CBC Radio One 100.9 FM in Thompson, Manitoba. He has been the voice in the north for more than 26 years.  Born in Poland, Szyszlo grew up in the nation's capitol, where he found his love for storytelling on campus radio at the University of Ottawa and later at Western University.  Mark got his start with CBC as a journalist and documentary freelancer in the mid 1980's, then moving to new roles as host of the Thompson based noon and morning shows.  

Thompson, widely considered the HUB of the North, is the place is an avid cyclist; in winter you'll see him zipping along the ski trails. Szyszlo has chosen to put down roots.  Known for its extreme weather testing, the people are always warm and friendly.  It's a region steeped in the history of the fur trade, where First Nations people have welcomed cultures from all around the world.  

Szyszlo is an avid cyclist; in winter you'll see him zipping along the ski trails.  He is also an accomplished builder.  He and his wife Louise built a two-story family home at Paint Lake Provincial Park a few years ago.  He has one adult son, now in his twenties.

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