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Mark Kelley
Co-host | the fifth estate

He's the newest member of the fifth estate team, but Mark Kelley has a career that spans more than two decades at CBC News, including his award-winning work as an investigative journalist as co-host of CBC News: Disclosure.

Most recently, Kelley hosted Connect, CBC News Network's prime time news program that highlighted the personal stories behind the day's headlines. Kelley has built his career connecting with Canadians. Whether he was spending seven days as a teacher in a struggling B.C. school, or living in a homeless shelter in Montreal, Kelley has always gone one step further to tell the stories that matter to Canadians.

Kelley has been front and centre for some of the most dramatic stories in recent memory -- from his coverage of Canada's mission in Afghanistan to reporting from the middle of the Arab Spring's revolutionary rise in Tahrir Square to his dramatic live coverage of the 9/11 attacks when he was host of CBC News: Morning.

As the face of Connect, Kelley won a Gemini Award in 2011 for Best Host or Interviewer in a News Information Program. He has won four other Geminis for his work with CBC News: Disclosure, The National, CBC News: Morning and CBC's Beijing Olympic broadcast.

Originally from Montreal, and a graduate of Concordia University, Kelley, his wife and four boys live in Toronto.

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