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Mark Critch
Co-host | 22 Minutes

From Prime Ministers and Premiers to movie stars and celebrities, Mark Critch proves that everyone has a funny side. 22 Minutes anchor and roving reporter, Mark is one of the hardest working comedians in show business, winning multiple awards for both writing and performance. Hitting the road every week, Mark brings the powerful and famous down to earth and into your living room.

In addition to 14 years starring on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Mark has appeared in CBC's Winnipeg Comedy Festival and is the host of CBC's Halifax Comedy Festival and has written for and appeared in CBC's world-renowned Just for Laughs series.

Mark's role in the highly-acclaimed feature film The Grand Seduction, garnered him Best Actor Award at the 2013 Atlantic Film Festival.
Mark's involvement in many film and television shows, includes acting in Newfoundland's own Republic of Doyle and co-writing a special for The Muppets.  

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