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Marc Lavoine
Louis Daniel | Crossing Lines

French-born Marc Lavoine's career began in the world of music where he rose to fame as both a songwriter and performer. He has 11 albums and countless singles to his credit, many of which enjoyed sales in the hundreds of thousands.

Marc decided to re-focus his career as an actor and has amassed many credits including Fiesta directed by Pierre Boutron, L'Enfer directed by Claude Chabrol, Le coeur des Hommes 1 et 2 directed by Marc Esposito, L'homme de la Riviera (The Good Thief) directed by Neil Jordan, Liberté directed by Tony Gatlif and Mains Armées directed by Pierre Jolivet.

In 2007, Marc was honored in France when he became a Chevalier de la Légion, comparable to a British Knighthood.