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Loren McGinnis
Host | The Trailbreaker

Loren McGinnis is the host of The Trailbreaker on CBC North Radio One in the Northwest Territories, Western Nunavut and Northern Alberta. The show goes out Monday to Friday, bright (or dark) and early, depending on the season. Loren joined the team at CBC North as a reporter in 2007 and started hosting the morning show in April, 2013. 

Living and working in the North has changed everything for Loren. There is an ideal upheld by Northern First Nations: to be strong like two people - to be rooted in traditional culture, values and practice and to be adept in modern society. Wrestling with that ideal is at the heart of The Trailbreaker and at the heart of Loren's work. The program is a daily reflection of the challenges and successes of a territory striving to have the strength of two.  

Outside of work, Loren is an amateur comedian, a camp fire storyteller and a happily inept fisherman. 

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