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Kristina Barnes 
Host/Producer | CBC News Calgary at 11

Kristina Barnes is the Host/Producer of CBC News Calgary at 11 - winner of the 2012 AMPIA award for best provincial newscast.

Kristina is thrilled to still be working in the city she was born and raised in.  After earning her diploma in Broadcasting at Calgary's Mount Royal College, Kristina joined the CBC Newsworld team (now CBC NewsNetwork).  Much of her time with Newsworld was as Host and Producer of several news programs for teens.  From Nunavut to The Netherlands, Kristina most enjoyed traveling to find the stories that would connect young Canadians to the world around them.  She was honored for her work by the Canadian Cable Television Association, twice winning a Galaxi Award for Outstanding Achievement in Educational Programming.  Kristina has also worked as a Writer, Lineup Editor, Reporter, Producer and Host for other various CBC programs.

Kristina is one of the Calgarians who looks forward to ten days in July, when the Stampede turns our city into the Wild West. She gets a kick out of talking to people from around the world who come to see and participate in the parade, the afternoon rodeo and evening chuckwagon races.  During the Stampede Kristina is part of the CBC Sports coverage, interviewing the cowboys and cowgirls who come to our city to compete.

Despite having traveled extensively, Kristina still believes the best view in the world can be seen looking west from Calgary across an open field to the Rocky Mountains.  And these days when she travels, it's more likely to be a camping trip.  She can also been found coaching and volunteering in a number of minor sports, playing with monster trucks, and searching for spare time to curl up with a good book.

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