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Kevin Gallant
Weather Reporter | CBC News Compass 

Kevin "Boomer" Gallant is one of the most recognizable faces in Prince Edward Island. He was born and raised in Charlottetown and is in his 24th year as weather host on CBC Television's supper-hour news program - CBC News Compass

Along with delivering the latest weather reports, Boomer also hosts a daily segment in CBC News Compass to promote community events and fundraisers. 

During his career at CBC, Boomer has worked with CBC Media Sales and Marketing producing television commercials. He has also frequently reported the nation's weather on CBC News Network. 

Apart from his work at CBC, Boomer is well known to many Maritimers for the sixteen years he spent calling harness races at the Charlottetown Driving Park. And when he's not busy tracking weather systems, Boomer spends time in his backyard flower gardens or at the local gym, where he teaches spinning classes. 

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