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Joslyn Oosenbrug
Host | Late Night

One of the North's newest nightowls: after five years of early mornings, Joslyn has traded in her alarm clock for a full night's sleep and some prime aurora time.

Joslyn took the reigns for CBC North's pan-northern Late Night TV news broadcast in March. The fast-paced 10-minute all-northern newscast is a U-turn from the last four years she spent hosting the Northwest Territories' morning show, the Trailbreaker. In fact, Joslyn's come full circle since joining CBC North in 2005. She started in the Yellowknife station as a television reporter, before moving into radio news and current affairs. This is the first time she's produced her own show.

Born and raised a northerner, Joslyn has roots in Fort Smith, Yellowknife, and St. John's, Newfoundland. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Concordia University in Montreal. 

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