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Jenny Howe
Traffic Reporter | Homestretch

Jenny Howe is the afternoon Traffic Reporter for the Homestretch on CBC Radio One. She's been bringing you upbeat and optimistic traffic reports for the past seven years. Well, as optimistic as traffic can be in Calgary.

Howe was raised in Fort McMurray and has seen a lot of changes since her family moved there in 1978.  After attending the University of Alberta, she returned to Fort McMurray to work in the oilsands industry. Howe's science background landed her work in a chemistry lab. Seven years later, she got restless and was persuaded by a friend to try her hand in broadcasting.

The move to Calgary was made in 2004. In 2006, She graduated from the Broadcasting Program at Mount Royal College and thus, began her career in radio and her career with CBC.

Most mornings Jenny Howe can be found doing her version of 'iron pumping' at the gym... or hitting the snooze button on her alarm. In between complaining about workouts and reporting traffic, she's probably 'zenning out' with yoga or hitting up the park with her two Boston Terriers, Lola-Bella and Otto.