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Jeanette Kelly
Host | Cinq à Six

Jeanette Kelly is the host of Cinq à Six heard Saturdays at 5pm on CBC Radio One in Montreal.

She is also arts reporter for Daybreak, CBC Montreal's flagship radio show heard weekdays from 5:30 am - 8:30 am on CBC Radio One.

Jeanette has worked for CBC Radio in Quebec City where she hosted Breakaway, the afternoon current affairs program, and Radio Active, a national program devoted to the music Quebecers listen to. She also spent ten years working for the Ontario Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs as a policy analyst in Quebec City and Ottawa.

Jeanette is a francophile from Ontario with a Masters Degree in Quebec Literature and a fully bilingual family. She likes running, yoga, tennis, playing the piano, Italian cuisine, baking blueberry pie and frequenting the galleries and concert venues of Montreal.

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