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Hance Colburne
Host | Information Morning Saint John

While born a Bluenoser, Hance grew up connected to communities on both sides of the Bay of Fundy. The only TV stations he could actually watch in the Annapolis Valley... in the age of antennas... were broadcasting from Saint John. He was always up to date on the news and current affairs of New Brunswick's Port City.

25 years later, Hance is proud to be part of the team that shares these Saint John stories to the local area and beyond. 

Always interested in broadcasting, Hance has a Bachelor of Applied Arts from the Radio and Television Arts program at Ryerson University, and has worked in private radio, at the University of King's College, Global Television Maritimes, A-Channel Edmonton and CBC Halifax. He is pleased he found his way to New Brunswick, where he once again has an ear to the ground of what's happening in Saint John.

Hance lives in Saint John with his wife and two kids.

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